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Do More With Outlook 2016 - Flyer Copy
I’m sure you know how to send emails and schedule a meeting using a calendar in Outlook 2016, but have you ever thought you could do more with it?
You thought right.  
Outlook 2016 has many features that most people don’t know about.  Things that can make your life so much easier...Like creating rules that can automate emails into separate folders
Or quick access to tools that you use all the time.
Or even using Outlook as a project management tool.  
Are you interested in learning these tools most people don’t know about, plus much more?
Then sign up for the Outlook 2016 Lunch and Learn to learn the features that will make you an Outlook All-Star.
Here are the things you can expect in this Outlook 2016 Lunch and Learn:
Overview of the Outlook Interface and how to customize it.
Creating folders for easy organization
Creating rules for organizing and automating.
Using/sharing calendars to quickly track your schedule and also allows others to see when you’re available.
Creating contact groups to quickly email groups you send messages to all the time.
Creating and assigning tasks to keep your projects moving forward.

Email Copy
Outlook email campaign
Email #1
Subj: Did you forget the meeting?
A couple of months ago, I got a dreaded phone call.
“Brian, is everything alright?
We had a meeting at 10 and you’re not here?”
After stuttering nervously with my words, I apologized for being late and ran to the meeting. 
Yikes. That was embarrassing.  Not to mention the walk of shame I felt when I opened the door and sat in my chair apologizing.
I wasn’t going to let this happen again. I told myself I was never going to forget about another meeting.
I decided to get myself a personal calendar and write down all my appointments. This should make it nice and easy. Until the problem came when I forgot my calendar at home.
This is when I decided to look for technology as a potential solution.
Turns out, there is a great way to get reminders and follow-up emails in technology that we use everyday.
I found meeting reminders and email follow-ups in Outlook 2016.  
This let’s Outlook remind you about meetings BEFORE they happen automatically. No more getting that dreaded “your late” phone call.
One other thing,  you can even set a reminder email when you need to follow-up with another person. Let Outlook be your personal assistant. 
You can get these notifications on your PC or smartphone.
This is just one of the many tips and tricks that you can learn in out Outlook 2016 Lunch and Learn.  
Never forget about a meeting again.

Find out about the training here.

Email #2
Subj: Email nightmares after vacation.
We’ve all been there, right? Sunday night before coming back from vacation.  That squirming feeling, wondering how many emails you will have to go through to get back on track.
How many emails are you going to have to go through 100...200...500...1000?
This can take a whole day or more just to go through, and then what happens when there is a time-sensitive email that gets missed because of it.
You may not know it, but there are features in Outlook that let you automate and put emails in specific folders based on the rules you choose.  
Think of it as having your own virtual file manager that organizes your emails automatically in folders of your choosing.
You can base the rules on subject lines, “from” addresses, and more.  That’s right...Outlook can be your own personal assistant file manager.
Keep your emails straight with folders and rules.
Find this out and more with our Outlook 2016 Lunch and Learn training.
Learn more

Email #3

Subj: The best way to schedule meetings
What’s the best way to schedule meetings?
How about over the phone? That sounds pretty easy, right?  What happens when it’s more than two people? It can get a bit dicey.  Eventually, you can get caught up playing phone tag. That’s not too fun.
Maybe over email is the way to go.  It could be, but sometimes people are inundated with emails.  It could take longer than expected, and you could potentially lose the meeting room to others.
I think I found a better way.  Using the scheduling assistant in Outlook.  You can see when your colleagues are available and schedule the meeting all in one place.
It’s quite easy to use.
Become a scheduling master.
Would you like to learn how?
Sign up for our December Outlook 2016 Lunch and Learn
Windows 10 Workshop Copy
Getting up to speed with Windows 10 - Flyer Copy
Does upgrading to Windows 10 make you feel frightened like white-knuckle driving in a snowstorm?
Are you already on Windows 10 but don’t know where to go like being lost in a busy city with no map or GPS?
Maybe you feel like you already don’t have enough time in the day...I mean... how are you going to learn a new system and get your work done?
This is understandable.
However, I have good news for you.  You don’t have to be worried anymore.
That’s right…Let me guide you through Windows 10 with the Windows 10 Lunch and Learn training, making your transition as painless as possible.
Here are the things you can expect in this Windows 10 Lunch and learn:
How to use the new Windows 10 interface, including ways to make it even simpler to access your favorite files and applications.
Customizing your Windows 10 PC.
Windows 10 time-saving tips and tricks that will make your day easier.
By the end of the training, you will be able to move through Windows 10 with ease and free of frustration.
Email Copy
Windows 10 training email campaign
Email #1
Subj: Smashing your computer to smithereens
Have you ever seen the movie “Office Space”?
If not, there’s a scene where the characters take a printer into a field and smash it with a baseball bat stomp on it.
They did this because they could take their frustrations out on it after many difficult times with the printer.
So why does this matter to you?
In the next couple of months, your computer will be upgraded to Windows 10.  
This upgrade is a necessity on campus and we don’t want you to throw your PC out the windows or smash it like the Office Space guys did with their printer.
That’s why we will be having a Windows 10 Lunch and Learn to give you all the basics of Windows 10.
By the end, you will be gliding along the windows interface like a figure skater on newly cleared ice.
Learn more here.
Email #2
Subj: Have you ever been lost driving somewhere?
Do you remember what it’s like to be lost?
That nerve racking feeling where you don’t know what to do next, and you don’t have a map or a GPS.
That’s not a good feeling to have.  It can be terrifying.
That’s the feeling that you could have when you upgrade to Windows 10.  
There could be times where you are looking for your files and don’t know where they are.
You could lose your files if you don’t save them in the proper places.
You could get that lost feeling again.
Well you won’t need to worry about that anymore.
Let me be your Windows 10 GPS.
Signup for our Windows 10 Lunch and Learn and I will show you how to access your files and folders like you did in Windows 7 or possibly even easier.
Interested? Sign up here.
Email #3
Subj: Would you let someone else decorate your office?
Probably not right? I mean what if it’s a cluttered mess. Or the walls were painted with a color that makes you want to vomit every time you look at it. Or maybe your office supplies are in a less than ideal place.
That’s what it could look like with your upgraded Windows 10 computer. You icons will look different and in a different location.  Your desktop will look different. Even the way you access your favorite software is in a different location.
Let me show you how to get your files in a spot where you can find them easily, like it used to be. I’ll also show you how to change the look and feel of your pc.
Become a Windows Customizer.
Want to know how?
Sign up for the Windows 10 Lunch and Learn and learn how to understand how to find your files in no time making your day be a little more efficient.
Email #4
Subj: Top Windows 10 Tips and Tricks for the upcoming upgrade.
Pinning to your taskbar for easy access to common files and apps. <Insert Video link Below>
Tiling Windows to make easy to work with multiple screens at the same time. <Insert Video link Below>
Using the file explorer to your advantage making it easier to find files you are looking for. <Insert Video link Below>
These are just 3 tips and the tip of the iceberg.
Become a Windows Wizard.
Sign Up for the December Windows 10 Lunch and Learn to learn more, including the “Quick-access” toolbar, “Expanded” Task view, easy access to common files and much more.
Find out more.
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